Bawa Brunch

Bawa is one of the most beautiful, relaxing, and friendly cafes I frequent when in Melbourne, the food is great, the people are lovely, and the room is magically always bathed in bright, natural light even in the gloomiest of winters. This trip was my second to Bawa, and after a pretty average first trip, this one really sealed the deal for me. If you go I recommend you try and get a seat on the raised level by the window, its beautiful and lush with pot plants and has big windows that open in the fairer weather

I went with a friend of mine to catch up, and we happened to be seated next to some more of our friends, so we pushed the tables together and had a bit of a double date. Thats the thing about dining in Hawthorn, you’re always likely to see someone you know.

I had the slow braised lamb shoulder, with homemade flatbread, cauliflower tabbouleh, sumac labneh, and pistachio, and it was WONDERFUL. It was so well balanced with the tender lamb, sharp sumac labneh, soft tabbouleh and trusty solidness of the flatbread. I ended up scrapping a lot of the sumac labneh off because I found it overpowered the tabbouleh a little but that’s just my personal preference, I’m know to have a quite bland taste preference.

My companion had the panko parmesan and herb chicken schnitzel with slaw, which I also had on my last trip and recommended it to him. I’m more of a fan of veal schnitzel but this just so good. I always find Panko crumb much lighter than a traditional bread crumb and the texture is much more pleasant as it doesn’t shed. The slaw is delightfully tangy and sharp, just what you need to accompany a reasonably basic main flavour.

For me this isn’t the best spot for breakfast unless your a big fan of eggs, otherwise the dishes lean much more to the lunch side of brunch.

And as always we had the only acceptable brunch pairing besides a great wine, OJ, and the fresh squeezed one here is fab








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