The Face Off – Best Drug store non-foundations

My love for sheer, light and comfortable complexion products runs deep through my veins, whether its a BB cream, CC cream, skin tint, tinted moisturiser, I am so here for it. As someone with little acne I rarely reach for foundation on a daily basis so a lightweight product that evens out my complexion and gives coverage only where you need it ticks all my boxes. As such I have tried nearly every lightweight promising product at the drug store, some I love, some I don’t, so here’s my ranked list of drug store non-foundation products from best to worst.

La Roche-Posay – Tinted Moisturiser 

17474356_1705538386126618_294537238_oThis product is my absolute holy grail and I can’t say anything negative about it. Firstly, it has an SPF of 50 and protects against UVA and UVB light, secondly it gives enough coverage to even out the complexion while letting freckles show through. It blends beautifully with concealers, it wears all day, and has the most natural and stunning glow without looking oily. It has a slight scent which is nice and not overbearing, and because La Roche-Posay is a skin care brand, not a cosmetic one, the formula is packed with amazing benefits. As its summer here in Australia I have been wearing this non-stop.


Rimmel – Fresher Skin Foundation

17475323_1705538332793290_2029221701_oThis product has a magical way of blending in to your skin tone like nothing else I’ve ever used, when I fist applied it, it was too light for my skin tone which was very annoying, and then right before my eyes it settled into my skin and became my perfect shade. MAGIC. It was a really interesting formula that sort of sets on your skin and doesn’t budge so work quickly with this one. Its breathable, doesn’t clog pores, shine free (but glowy), and has the perfect natural finish, just like the packaging boasts. My only critique of this product is the packaging is messy and hard to use, and because it is so open, the product dries out and becomes gloopy faster than an average foundation.


Garnier – BB cream

17500238_1705538339459956_1813308004_oThis was the first ever BB I owned and I still love it to this day, I’m on my third bottle of the stuff. Of all the BB creams I’ve tried this one definetly has the fullest coverage, it has a thick texture but blends out beautifully over the skin. The one thing to take note about this BB cream is that it definitly needs to be powdered as it tends to slip and move over the skin if it’s not locked down. Its also quite shiny, that being said it is one of those rare magical products that don’t look completely matte when powered, the glow still shows through. Garnier recently expanded the skin tones they sell this in so there’s a ashade for everybody. This is defintly my date night go-to product, it’s tried and tested and always leaves me with perfect looking skin.


Rimmel – #Insta-Flawless17499819_1705538392793284_2143458700_o

This product is the most glowy, and natural skin perfecting product I’ve ever tried, and I’ve repurchased this multiple times. It wont give you coverage but it evens out your skin tone and works well with concealers if you do need a bit of extra oomf in places. This is my favourite product in summer as it lets my freckles show through and gives my skin the most beautiful glow without looking like you have anything on. It like a my-skin-but-better product and I love it dearly. The only complaint it the longevity of this, which may be partly my fault, I hate powdering this product because I love the glow it gives me but it will rub off if you don’t.


Revlon – Photoready BB cream

I wish I loved this pro17499706_1705538382793285_1532156482_o.jpgduct, I really do, but it’s much too drying for my skin, and I don’t really have dry skin. It goes patchy and doesn’t do much to improve my complexion. Now this isn’t a bad product, I think it’s just a bad product for me. It has good coverage and blends nicely but it just doesn’t work on dry skin. That being said I still use this product, I like it in summer because it has an SPF of 30 and gives off a subtle glow, but I generally have to prime my skin first with a moisturiser and I don’t think you should have to do that for a BB cream.


Burt’s Bees – BB cream

17453533_1705538336126623_1008570090_oWhen I saw Burt’s Bees came out with a BB cream I was very intrigued, its the first cosmetic skin product they’ve made and I was eager to see if it was the same great quality as the rest of the brand. The first thing you’ll notice about this product is the smell, its nearly overpowering with its smell of what I think is orange and poppy seed, but it doesn’t say anywhere so I’m not 100% sure. Its not a bad smell, but be prepared to smell like oranges all day. The packaging claims this product does 9 things and only lists 6 (sun protection, moisturises, firms, gets rid of wrinkles, evens skin tone and provides a tint). The actual product is good, it has a nice coverage and makes my skin look smooth and fresh, however the longevity of this could be improved. I often come home after a day to find it patchy and clinging to dry skin, which for an oil based product is confusing. I find myself reaching for this every now and then, and then when I remember its issues it goes away for another month.



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