The Face Off – Best Drug store non-foundations

My love for sheer, light and comfortable complexion products runs deep through my veins, whether its a BB cream, CC cream, skin tint, tinted moisturiser, I am so here for it. As someone with little acne I rarely reach for foundation on a daily basis so a lightweight product that evens out my complexion and gives coverage only where you need it ticks all my boxes. As such I have tried nearly every lightweight promising product at the drug store, some I love, some I don’t, so here’s my ranked list of drug store non-foundation products from best to worst.

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Bawa Brunch

Bawa is one of the most beautiful, relaxing, and friendly cafes I frequent when in Melbourne, the food is great, the people are lovely, and the room is magically always bathed in bright, natural light even in the gloomiest of winters. This trip was my second to Bawa, and after a pretty average first trip, this one really sealed the deal for me. If you go I recommend you try and get a seat on the raised level by the window, its beautiful and lush with pot plants and has big windows that open in the fairer weather

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Emerson x Polaroid

 This post is not sponsored or professionally affiliated with Polaroid

This film is a recent creation of mine for a strategic marketing class at university, we were tasked to make a movie about ourselves, introducing who we were and what our values are, and then pair this with a brand who has similar values.

For me this was an extremely easy choice, my prized possession is my polaroid and the importance of non-digitised images are something I feel very strongly about. I wont go into it too much, the video will take care of that, so sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy learning a little more about me and my polaroids.

Seperation Pains.


This photo was taken by my Dad the day we drove 8 hours to my new apartment, my new university, and my new independent life. I was 18, 2 months out of high school and ready for a whole new phase of my life. While my friends were going on gap years or enjoying the last month of holidays, I started studying. While they all hung out together and sent me snapchats of pool side summer views, I was alone, thrown in the deep end, trying to make new friends.  Continue reading

The Begining

I have wanted to start a Blog for a while now but didn’t know what i wanted it to be about. Well, after along time pondering all the different types of blogs I could make I decided to say ‘fuck it’ and write about whatever I want to god damn write about.

I may never post on this blog again, I may keep it up for a month or even years, who knows, I may continue to post regularly. I hope I keep it up, I have never been able to keep a diary but I’ve always wanted to document my thoughts and life in some way.

Cheers to the start of this journey,