Emerson x Polaroid

 This post is not sponsored or professionally affiliated with Polaroid

This film is a recent creation of mine for a strategic marketing class at university, we were tasked to make a movie about ourselves, introducing who we were and what our values are, and then pair this with a brand who has similar values.

For me this was an extremely easy choice, my prized possession is my polaroid and the importance of non-digitised images are something I feel very strongly about. I wont go into it too much, the video will take care of that, so sit back, relax, and I hope you enjoy learning a little more about me and my polaroids.

Seperation Pains.


This photo was taken by my Dad the day we drove 8 hours to my new apartment, my new university, and my new independent life. I was 18, 2 months out of high school and ready for a whole new phase of my life. While my friends were going on gap years or enjoying the last month of holidays, I started studying. While they all hung out together and sent me snapchats of pool side summer views, I was alone, thrown in the deep end, trying to make new friends.  Continue reading

The Begining

I have wanted to start a Blog for a while now but didn’t know what i wanted it to be about. Well, after along time pondering all the different types of blogs I could make I decided to say ‘fuck it’ and write about whatever I want to god damn write about.

I may never post on this blog again, I may keep it up for a month or even years, who knows, I may continue to post regularly. I hope I keep it up, I have never been able to keep a diary but I’ve always wanted to document my thoughts and life in some way.

Cheers to the start of this journey,